VIDEO WALL CONTROLLER ตัวควบคุมวิดีโอวอลล์ LM-TV09M


  • Support Cascading Function. Can be cascaded to achieve maximum 255 signal outputs (Need more controllers);
  • Support High Resolution. Uses high definition processing chip, support 1080P signal input and output;
  • Support Multiple Control Methods. Product is designed with infrared remote control and front panel buttons.
    User can perform one-click quick control and full-function control by panel buttons or remote; Can also
    perform central control via RS-232, to make more diverse function expansion;
  • Support Multiple Signal Input. Support 1 way VGA, 1 way DVI , 1 way USB, 1 way HDMI input, all input signals
    can be switched to large screen for splicing display;
  • Support Audio Input and Output, and audio and video output synchronously;
    Support 180 Degree Rotation. Any one of the 4 splicing screens supports 180 degree rotation/flipping;
  • Built-in Flying Caption Function. User can use the control software (inside the CD) via RS-232
    (communication interface) to arbitrary set the caption’s Flying Position, Flying Speed, Font Size, Text Color
    and Background Color;
  • Built-in Image Zoom and Cutting Function. User can use the control software (inside the CD) or remote menu
    to arbitrary zoom in, zoom out, cut the image on the large screen;
  • Support Border Blanking Technology. Without this technology, image will appear like being pulled out visually;
    Image after border blanking processing is no deformation, stretching, view more natural and real in visual;
  • Support USB access. Inserting the U disk can directly decode videos, pictures, MP3, documents. etc; no need to
    configure other front-end equipment, simple and practical;
  • Support Remote Control via Remote. With remote, user can use all functions of splicing box, like setting, switching,
    adjusting; Remote control use ultra-sensitive design, remote distance is up to 7 to 10 meters.
  •  ราคาเริ่มต้น 25,000 บาท
  • รับประกัน 1 ปี
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